November 2021 Conference Report

Recently, Step Forward conducted our first in-person conference of any kind in the Middle East region since February of 2020. God miraculously provided a venue in Cyprus. Leaders from the Middle East rejoiced as God overcame obstacle after obstacle that could have prevented their attendance. At one point it appeared impossible for our partners in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon to obtain their visas in time. Flight cancellations and Covid testing complicated matters. But God was at work. Every person arrived on time! Miraculous!

The conference was special in every way! The worship music daily was heavenly. The conference theme, The Faithfulness of God, was effectively taught by our teachers. The anointing of God upon each teacher and lesson was evident. The Holy Spirit used the conference - the music, teaching, prayer times, fellowship, and testimonies - to bring renewal, revival, and encouragement to every person there. Truly, God was at work!

The testimonies underscored two important realities. Our people in the region have endured great suffering since March of 2020. Our people have remained faithful. Yes, many are weary. Some have lost close family members to the unseen enemy Covid. Others have loved ones who are enduring prolonged sickness due to the pandemic. Some are concerned for the health and well-being of their children. One lady commented that her family can now afford meat once per month. But in the midst of it all, they continued to serve Jesus and to share the love of Jesus with refugees and others in need.

I wish everyone could have heard the testimonies. One man (an SF missionary) spoke for many of the attendees in the region when he commented that we did not run from Covid, rather we ran toward it. We choose to continue to take food, medicine, personal supplies, and the Good News of salvation to those in need from Covid victims to the unemployed. This man and his wife suffered twice through Covid.

A medical doctor in the group continued to serve Covid patients even though he and nine members of his family caught Covid. Two or three of our missionaries talked about continuing to serve refugees even when told to lockdown at home. A pastor mentioned that over half of the people in his church lost their jobs as businesses closed. The church shared their resources with the unemployed while continuing to care for refugees from Iraq and Syria.

One of our missionaries told about his outreach on the streets with food, music and preaching. The response was beautiful. Someone in a predominantly Muslim neighbor invited him to come “and share the love of Jesus with us”.

We don’t know when the pandemic will be defeated, but we are rejoicing that Covid has not stopped the people of God from living and sharing their faith. Like the Christ- followers in Acts 4, they are asking God for continued boldness to speak the name of Jesus to those living in darkness.

It is a great privilege and huge responsibility for Step Forward to stand beside them in this hour of unprecedented need and opportunity to make an eternal difference. With the continued prayers and support of our friends, we anticipate numerous in-person conferences in 2022 … and an abundant harvest of souls coming to Christ in the greater Middle East region. Yes, God is at work!

Dr. Doug Carter

SFGM Chairman of Board

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Response to COVID-19

Since the founding of Step Forward Global Ministries in 2017, we have partnered with local churches and key Christian leaders all over the Middle East that have a heart to provide humanitarian help and introduce refugees to Jesus, the only Savior! We are helping our partners provide emergency material relief, food, medicine, education, and other support to vulnerable Syrians,…

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Crisis in Lebanon

Our hearts are broken for Lebanon. Please let me explain why. After months of protests against corruption in government, Lebanon faced an unstable economy and a currency rapidly decreasing in value. Suddenly, the country was invaded by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Lebanon’s healthcare infrastructure could not handle a full-blown pandemic; the response was to close schools and businesses and…

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Step Forward in photos

Click below to watch a video compilation of photos from Step Forward’s ministry. We are grateful for all of our friends highlighted here in this video. Step Forward is successful because of men and women like you!

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The Devastation of Beirut

Beirut aftermath

I know you have heard the reports and have seen the pictures of the terrible blast that destroyed about one-half of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Some veteran reporters have compared the devastation to the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. Lebanon was already in crisis! Since the outbreak of COVID19 in Lebanon, the already struggling economy…

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Step Forward is Expanding!

Step Forward is Expanding! View More About Our Partners Online at www.step4ward.org/partners   Since conception in 2017, Step Forward Global Ministries has been growing and expanding. God has allowed us together with the amazing partnerships of donors, trainers and churches to build something great. Together we can celebrate these achievements and the privilege of serving God in this hour…

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SFGM Facilitators Celebrating!

We just finished a very successful Christian leadership training conference in Cyprus with Step Forward Global Ministries. We were training 45 brothers and sisters from eight countries in the surrounding region who will make a world of difference in their countries! How exciting! How promising! Indeed a blessed privilege to teach with Dave Engbrecht, Steve Schellin and Doug Carter…

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Training at Home Begins

My dear brothers and sisters, Have you noticed from the reports that our leaders didn’t waste time? This is the first training done by brother Rafaat Fayez on the next day of returning home from our Leadership Seminar! He trained 40 younger leaders as the pictures tell. I just wanted you to know that your investment in those leaders…

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SFGM Meets Pope Tawadros II

SFGM President, Michel Khalil, meets with Pope Tawadros II to discuss a strategic partnership. I had the joy of ministering in Egypt, January 10-16, with Michel Khalil, president of Step Forward Global Ministries, Dr Dan Schafer, president of World Gospel Mission, and his wife Pam. Pastor Steve Schellin, SF board member, from Indianapolis was also a member of our…

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