Response to COVID-19

Since the founding of Step Forward Global Ministries in 2017, we have partnered with local churches and key Christian leaders all over the Middle East that have a heart to provide humanitarian help and introduce refugees to Jesus, the only Savior! We are helping our partners provide emergency material relief, food, medicine, education, and other support to vulnerable Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds and Ethiopians.

Our Step Forward church partners are filling a vital role during this difficult time. They are seizing every opportunity to care for the suffering while showing God’s wonderful love and faithfulness. Because of the pandemic and the widespread unemployment, many local families, just like the refugees, are in urgent need for basic necessities. Our partners carry a heavy load, providing these families with food and essential medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and others.

Let’s look at the four-fold outreach of one of our partner churches in Beirut:

1- Lebanese families:
Christ Evangelical Church in Beirut is doing its best to take care of its members who lost their jobs by giving them supermarket coupons, food packages, medicines, milk and diapers for babies and whatever other basic needs they might have. The church has a total of 54 families in urgent need.

2- Refugees ministry:
The number of Iraqi and Syrian refugees that the church is serving increased in the past few months. With the addition of a few Ethiopian families, our partner church is serving a total of 750 families. Every day, the church receives calls from nearly 30 new families in need. Because of limited resources, the church is unable to help them all. This ministry provides refugees with food, food vouchers, cleaning products, toiletries, diapers, milk, electric heaters, mattresses, and blankets. Above all, through all the church does, all are introduced to our Lord Jesus Christ and many accept Him as their personal Savior!

3- Kids ministry (Growing in Grace):
This ministry is devoted to children with a main purpose to guide them spiritually alongside their families to meet Christ. The church serves kids from various ethnicities and nationalities (e.g. Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians, Ethiopians, Kurdish – both Muslims and nominal Christians.) The church does home visits, conferences, Bible classes, awareness sessions and much more. Around 100 kids are served on a continuous basis and about 350 during events.

4- Outreach (HE redeemed you):
This ministry is called Fadek, which means: “HE redeemed you”. It usually conducts special events to share the gospel with people that don’t come to church. But after the Beirut explosion on the 4th of August, this group started home visits to the affected people. They are offering them food and medicine and volunteering to help repair their houses. It is a great opportunity to share the good news with these hurting families. A total of 24 families are being visited monthly.

This church is just one example of what we mean when saying, “The gospel can’t be quarantined.” Step Forward is now partnering with 25 churches in the Middle East, North Africa and places in Europe like Turkey, Spain, England and Holland. These churches are serving thousands of refugees who are scattered and going through very tough circumstances.

Also, Step Forward is pleased to announce that the number of our missionaries has increased to 45, serving in 12 countries, helping people to meet the true Savior. During this difficult time when hope is lost and despair abounds, our missionaries are introducing them to our faithful God.

Step Forward also continues to communicate with our missionaries and church leaders via Zoom calls to make sure that all of them are encouraged in this very difficult year. We have endeavored to be there for them in the toughest of times – even when some of them were infected with COVID-19 or lost loved ones because of this fatal virus.

Now, we are so looking forward to the near future with great hope to gather together again when the Lord opens the closed doors – either in Cyprus for leadership programs or in Morocco for discipleship programs.

We thank you again for your continuous support and we pray that the Lord will continue to
bless you and use you for His glory.

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