Leadership Seminars

In every leadership seminar, Christian Middle East leaders are gathered together to share their needs and learn more about how to make Jesus known to their own people. Participants included top clergy leaders, marketplace men and women, professionals, university professors, doctors, and individuals hungry for personal growth.

Discipleship Training

Discipleship training is conducted for those who accepted the Lord as their personal savior and desire to live a godly and holy life.

In other words, we are equipping them to follow Christ and grow in their walk with Him.

Evangelism Courses

The Great Commission – Jesus’ last command – our first concern!

We provide solid teaching and materials showing why sharing the good news is important and how to share it with others. The courses jump start in encouraging believers to be passionate and consistent in telling others the good news.

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Empowering Leaders to Serve Others

At Step Forward we believe that training the top leaders in the Middle East is absolutely crucial. Since opening in 2017, we have held 11 HUB seminars in the Middle East Region. We know that if we are able to motivate, empower and mobilize Christian leaders to do the Lord’s work and make His Name known, we can impact the entire world in such an amazing way! We provide leadership seminars for the top leaders and we provide evangelism courses for those on the front lines. Then when converts become a new believer, they are hungry to know Jesus and make Him known to others. That’s why we provide rich and relevant discipleship training for converts as well.

Our Focus on Evangelism

Two of Step Forward’s core focuses are on evangelism and to mobilize Christians inside the church. The challenge is for Christians in the Middle East Region is not only to stand firm in their faith surrounded by a culture that strives to immobilize them – it is also the challenge to have the passion to go out and personally share about Christ. Christians can not hide in their comfort zones or inside the walls of the church. They must go out to fulfill the Great Commission. They must be empowered to go out and be the ones to share the Gospel. This is why we are passionately focused on evangelism training!

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We Need Your Partnership!

We want and need your prayers, your partnership and your donations! One hundred percent of all donations made to Step Forward Global Ministries go directly to the mission field. All donations are tax deductible.