Crisis in Lebanon

Injured Beirut People
Beirut home damaged

I know you have heard the reports and have seen the pictures of the terrible blast that destroyed about one-half of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Some veteran reporters have compared the devastation to the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.

Lebanon was already in crisis! Since the outbreak of COVID19 in Lebanon, the already struggling economy is in shambles. Unemployment is at a record high. The government is weak and corrupt. Much of the nation is controlled by Hezbollah, the radical Islamic terrorist group that is funded by Iran.

And now the explosion killing over 200 - probably many more - and injuring over 5000 at least! Thousands are desperate for food, shelter and healthcare!

There is now a widespread sense of despair and hopelessness.

But God has given Step Forward a group of dedicated servant-leaders in Lebanon ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus ministering to the hurting and suffering. They love Jesus, they love people, and they are ready to serve - but they need our prayers and our financial help.

Michel Khalil, our Step Forward founder, and his wife Roula are in constant contact with our partners in Lebanon. Roula is Lebanese. Her mom and dad and siblings still live there. She can’t talk about the situation without weeping.

It is surely “for such a time as this” that God has given us a wonderful team in Lebanon to answer these urgent needs. I pray that you can help them minister in the name of Jesus to the hurting and suffering. Because of the massive need, no gift is too large. But no gift is too small. Please help if you possibly can.

You can give online through our website (www.step4ward/donate) or by rushing a check to Step Forward, 2906 Red Pine Court, Duluth, GA 30096. If you are sending a check, would you drop a note to Michel at MichelKhalil@step4ward.org so he can let our team in Lebanon know that help is on the way.

Whether or not you can give, please remember to pray for Lebanon in this hour of extreme crisis.

On behalf of Michel and Roula I thank you for considering this need.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Doug Carter
Step Forward, Chairman


"We're going around in circles in the house, because we don't know where to start," a Beirut woman says.

"It is as if a cyclone has passed through the house." Returning home on Tuesday night, several hours after the two explosions that hit Beirut on Tuesday evening, Rana can't find words to de-scribe the state of her house, located in Achrafieh.

"The destruction of the nation’s largest grain silo at the port will exacerbate an already grim food security situation.” stated teh U.N. World Food Program.