Crisis in Lebanon

Our hearts are broken for Lebanon. Please let me explain why.

After months of protests against corruption in government, Lebanon faced an unstable economy and a currency rapidly decreasing in value. Suddenly, the country was invaded by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Lebanon’s healthcare infrastructure could not handle a full-blown pandemic; the response was to close schools and businesses and lock down the entire country, quickly. During the lockdown, Lebanon’s economic crises has worsened. A terrible bomb blast in Beirut only made the tragedy worse.

Since the founding of Step Forward Global Ministries in 2017, we have partnered with Local Churches and key Christian leaders, all over the Middle East in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and North Africa, that have a heart to provide humanitarian help and introduce refugees to Jesus, the only Savior!

Specificly in Lebanon, more than one in four people in the nation is a refugee. We are helping our partners provide emergency material relief, food, medicine, education, and other support to vulnerable Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds and Ethiopians refugees.

Because of the pandemic and the widespread unemployment, many Lebanese families, just like the refugees, are in urgent need for basic necessities. Our partners carry a heavy load, providing these families with food and essential medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and others.

Lebanon is in total lockdown as the Covid19 pandemic rages on. Record numbers are dying. Hospitals are full. There is a severe shortage of medicine, even oxygen. People are dying because they cannot find ventilators or a place in a hospital. Churches are providing some rooms for COVID-19 patients who need to quarantine so their families will be safe. In Lebanon, children usually stay at home until they get married, and it’s usual that the grandparents live with their children and their families. So, if one person is infected and stays at home in a small, crowded apartment, there is a strong chance that 5 or more from one family will be infected. The task is huge and overwhelming. God’s people in Lebanon are putting their confidence in a great God Who is able to do the impossible!

Because many friends of Step Forward have given generously, we have been able to lovingly and faithfully assist our partners as they share the love of Jesus with suffering people.

Because of the growing crisis in Lebanon, we ask you to prayerfully consider sending a special gift at this time if you possibly can. You can give online at or mail your check to Step Forward:
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We thank you again for your continuous support and we pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and use you for His glory.

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