Response to COVID-19

Since the founding of Step Forward Global Ministries in 2017, we have partnered with local churches and key Christian leaders all over the Middle East that have a heart to provide humanitarian help and introduce refugees to Jesus, the only Savior! We are helping our partners provide emergency material relief, food, medicine, education, and other support to vulnerable Syrians,…

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Crisis in Lebanon

Our hearts are broken for Lebanon. Please let me explain why. After months of protests against corruption in government, Lebanon faced an unstable economy and a currency rapidly decreasing in value. Suddenly, the country was invaded by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Lebanon’s healthcare infrastructure could not handle a full-blown pandemic; the response was to close schools and businesses and…

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Step Forward in photos

Click below to watch a video compilation of photos from Step Forward’s ministry. We are grateful for all of our friends highlighted here in this video. Step Forward is successful because of men and women like you!

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